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Monitor your Pet 24/7 via Live WebView

PetCam App Live WebView is a new service for our valued customers

If you do not have the opportunity to watch your beloved pet using your smartphone while at work or on a trip, you can now do so via a live stream on our Live WebView page. You will receive your own private secure account where you can watch your best friend.

Live WebView can be used on PC/Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone
(optimised for PC/Laptop browsers)

How PetCam App Live WebView works

  1. You need an active PetCam App account.
  2. Apply for a high secure account with our e-mail form by sending us your PetCam App Username and registered e-mail.
  3. You will receive your credentials and link to your account within 24h.
  4. Login and change the password.
  5. Purchase your license via inApp Purchase with your iOS or Android device where PetCam App is installed.
  6. After successful purchase you can use the Live Web Stream.
  7. Enable the Live Web Stream remotely from your Receiver.
  8. Make sure that your Pet Station is online and connected to a power supply.
  9. Watch your pet at your secure and private LiveWeb View Account.
  10. You may subscribe to this service with a monthly, 3 months or 6 months subscription.
  11. Price starting with approximately US$ 3,99 /month

Reserve your PetCam App Live WebView account now!

(This service will be available end of June 2021 / beginning of July 2021)

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